I’ll have the Spam, with Spam, and a side of Spam.

February 12th, 2008 by Nathan

There are millions of spam email going out just today. The are almost as many ideas about how to get rid of all of the spam. Some recommend using a id system that tracks the server where the emails originate and verifies that each step of the way from that server to your inbox. There are many software solutions and they work to different degrees but require almost constant maintanance by the end user. I think we need a system that will verify who the sender is without having to “opt in” or be on someones whitelist. Then we can create an opt in system for spam from companys you do business with and charge those companies a per email tax to fund any hardware upgrades required to implement the system. Let me know if you have a better idea I would love to hear it. Maybe one day when my clients ask me if I can do something about their spam I will be able to say I can get rid of it all together.

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