Aesthetics and Functionality

February 21st, 2008 by Nathan

When given a choice I prefer to work on functional issues instead of aesthetic ones. I trained for a few years to be an architect and learned quite a bit about aesthetics and design. I also learned enough to know I would make a much better engineer than an artist. Developing functionality in software and web design is often much more enjoyable to me than making aesthetic choices because you know when you built it right, it works. Often when I am working on a project I’ll field questions from my clients about Aesthetic choices. Why did you choose this color or place the ad in that place on my website? These questions have no real answer as the old adage goes beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Now there are some basic design principles that every designer should apply but once you get beyond that your design will either be approved or shot down strickly based on your clients opinion of what looks good to them. After all it is their business, product, service, etc and you are building their public face on the internet. The best advice I can give is design before you build and once the design is approved make sure your clients know changes can be expensive.

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