Vista SP1

March 19th, 2008 by Nathan

Windows Vista SP 1 has been released, bring on the madness. I have been testing the sp 1 release at my office for a few days before the release and all I can say is good luck. It will fix alot of problems windows users have been complaining about like wireless connection speed problems, but it will also cause alot of problems for non-tech savy users. SP1 for vista will not fix the biggest problem with Vista, the fact that many devices are not compatable with Vista. I have installed Vista over 100 time for various clients and in my own office and I have run into problems with accessories every time. Sometimes its a printer, sometimes a camera, and I can’t even list the number of pieces of software that are virtually incompatable. I spent 22 hours with Time Matters by Lexis Nexis trying to get that software working with Vista (which i finally figured out on my own).

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