How to Find the Best iPhone Application Development Company

March 13th, 2012 by Nathan

Apple Inc.’s much hyped iPhone created waves in the mobile market. Making it one of the most sought after mobile phone of the decade. The slim, large display touch screen wireless phone with a 2 mega pixel integrated camera, with web browser, calling and texting facility, amazing memory, media player, etc. made it highly popular. iPhone has been called so for the ‘I’ stands for the ‘individuality’ of the user, as it can be changed according to the needs of the user like an iPod or iGoogle. This individualism was an additional feature to its fame – resulting into huge demand plus the emergence of an entire industry of iPhone Application Development.

Apple Inc. gave iPhone application developers 70% of share for developing applications and themselves got 20% by selling applications through their Apple Store. More number of people and companies entered this field to try their luck. With its growing popularity and business, it has kept customers attracted round the clock.

Till date millions of iPhone devices have been sold. If only millions of mobile handsets have been sold than you can calculate the amount of iPhone applications being sold almost every month. Thus, the race goes on, to build the best and newest iPhone website or application with so many competitors to beat.

Therefore, the very first step to keep in mind while hiring iPhone developers is that they should know the application market well enough to survive in it. And must be able to build applications for Andriod, BlackBerry, Palm, etc. Make sure that the company you hire has previously developed iPhone applications and have sold them on Apple’s App Store. If yes, then check out the links and screen shots as well. Observe the manner of the company’s presentation of application idea’s. Do they bring up the same old boring type of ideas or are they open to suggestions, new ideas, ready to experiment? If the case is the former one then forget it. If your choice is the latter one, then good going.

If the company is technically strong with professional and qualified developers that are in to Software development then its a sure plus point for you.

Also check out where does the company carry excellence. See if they are able to port the same iPhone application to other platforms as well like BlackBerry, Palm, Andriod, J2ME, etc. because this will help you to reach out to more and more users rather than bide you in restrictions from widening your range/scope for merely making profit and not touch excellence.

The company you approach must be in this sector for a minimum of one or two years. As the iPhone itself is not old than this so it makes sense that the company must be well versed about this realm.

Semaphore Software is in this sector for quite a period of time. And have excelled to great heights in iPhone Application Development. They are skilled in integrating applications on other platforms as well. Their professionally accomplished team of developers come up with wonderful ideas and applications

Here the author has made us aware regarding the fact of what should one keep in mind when we hire an iPhone Developer for iPhone Application Development. By listing down simple steps that are helpful that must be considered.

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